Everlasting Unconditional Love

Mother is a being who takes all our pain and still smiles beautifully. Deep down the pain in their hearts makes them froze to death. But outside they keep wearing a mask of happiness and satisfaction.

I am a daughter who have always been angry upon my mother. In my childhood around when I was 10 or 12 years old, I used to write diary. And I used to write every single thing that would come to my mind or heart. One day I was so angry with my mother, I don’t exactly remember why I was angry. Oh yeah, she secretly read my diary when I was not at home. I was so mad at her and as I knew that she would again do the same thing. I wrote something really bad about her or I would rather say very rude things about her. Like I wrote that ‘You (mom) are not a perfect mom like my friends mom, they are all so good ‘.

The tears feel down her cheeks and I saw that and still now I feel guilty about what I did in my stupidity. You know what you all means a lot to your mothers. You’ll never know what they have gone through just to protect you, take care of you and make you standout respectfully in the world.

There would have been several nights when she would have hugged you when you were little and cried to the bottom of their heart. But we don’t know all that because our mothers hide everything within themselves. It’s like they are the antibodies to our cells which protect us from the harmful bacterias. They are like the shock absorbers in the vehicle which doesn’t allow you to feel the shock and absorb it secretly.